Real Strategic Meeting & Event Management

Your meeting or event can have hundreds of items, optional items and multiple suppliers. We provide you the opportunity to manage your meetings strategically with our technology.

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How it works

This single entry platform starts with just creating a group. Then build the itinerary, which creates financial records of the spend and then simply put no more huge paper files to carry around


Getting Started

Creating a program or event is easy with the NexGenMtgs smart tools


Create an e-Proposal

In a matter of minutes you can build a proposal that can be instantly edited with your client



No matter the need, NexGenMtgs answers with numerous report types

Amazing Features

From start to finish you will feel comfortable with the user experience and the output for each event or meeting.

Intuitive Design

The flow is maintained by not leaving a single page, everything in the planning module is easy, destin makes it happen!

Operations & Reports

Manage your events & meetings with reports that are robust, from load in schedules to automatic vehicle schedules for arrivals/departures.


Whether it is connecting with your suppliers, or staying touch with participants destin has SMS, email & internal methods to stay in the know.

Guest Registration

Not only can guest sign up, but they also have their own site with their schedules, including flight information.



Manage your meetings or events strategically with our technology

Our Process

Our process is simple - we’ve applied current technology with more than 30 years of experience with events and meetings. We cover & handle beyond expectations!


With every proposal created there is a purchase order assigned to each supplier providing a real time spend, real time accountability with gross profit information and no guess work.


NexGenMtgs concierge compiles the entire meeting - accessible by a planner via their own dashboard. Review costs, request changes and receive e-proposals and contracts.


Our robust financial system provides reports, daily overviews showing all deliverables across multiple groups and arrival/departure scheduling is easier than ever.

Real Time Spend

Communicate with suppliers using a purchase order, with guest participants that have a dashboard containing an entire agenda or within the system using live updates.

Awesome Screenshots

An entire program is now accessible anywhere, on any device. So what you see on your desktop is available on your tablet, or smartphone. No worrying about misplaced files, updated notes, or worst yet losing the file.

Our Team

Collectively our team has over 40 years experience with technology combined with the meetings and event space!

Wayne Beaubien
Co-Founder and CEO

Fred Bean
Executive Chairman

Anita Beaubien
Co-Founder and COO

Lefty Novotny
Chief Strategic Advisor

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Frequently asked questions

Nexgenmtgs is a software system that allows a hotel, corporation or DMC organization to operate their meeting and event department or organization with a robust, single entry tool that provides all you would need to operate. From sales and marketing (CRM that captures group participants booking preferences, to electronic proposal and contract generation, to operational reports like load in schedules, arrival and departure schedules, electronic departure notices and online activity sign up, to complete financials from Purchase Orders for every purchase, Forecasting Cost reports and final invoicing. There isn’t a single product on the market that has the full service functionality that is included in nexgenmtgs.
Nexgenmtgs allows users to upload all their suppliers and their offerings to create an easy to use marketplace catalog to quickly build proposals, or they can add suppliers and supplies as they go along. Either way the process to get to live is quick. Our team has automated many hotel departments and private DMC organizations. We have IT specialist that also have hotel and DMC experience. We can get you up and running in less then 30 days.
There are many resource tools in the space to search for hotels, or venues or to manage your meeting attendance with online registration. Our software has all that and more. Now with one tool you can centralize your meeting and event operations. Whether you have one location or a thousand, nexgenmtgs is the enterprise solution that allows all of your operations to be managed from a single platform and all of your information on a single dashboard.

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